Slab Shop + Unit

Welcome to our home – find the Slab shop at 13 Bath Road in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. So if you’re nearby pop in and we’re sure there will be some fudge samples available. We always have our core flavours in stock – both in the dairy and vegan ranges. So whether you want to pop in or order online – we can satisfy your fudge requirements!

Slab Artisan Fudge - Shop 1

The Slab Kitchen + Packaging Unit

From the beginning of this year, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy setting up the new Slab kitchen + packaging unit up at Northwood Business Park. It’s pretty much ready now, and we’ll start fudge production in April 👊 Here’s hoping this year turns out better than last!

  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 12
  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 3
  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 4
  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 5
  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 9
  • Slab Artisan Fudge Unit 11

A time-lapse video showing the build process of the new unit over the last 3 months. A high octane 30 seconds of video … 😂