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Fudge Fan Walks Over 221 Miles to Beat Lockdown Blues

Slab Artisan Fudge got a surprise when a customer announced she had walked all the way from Leeds to visit the Slab shop in Bath Road, Cowes.

Slab Artisan Fudge - Agata 1

Agata Szczepaniuk, originally from Poland but living in Leeds, told Slab’s owner Rachel Powell that she had bought some vegan Slab Fudge from a shop in Leeds and was amazed to find that such a tasty vegan fudge existed.  

Agata said “I did some research and found out Slab were based on the Isle of Wight, and that a shop existed too where all the fudge was made.  I decided why not go and visit?  And then I had a crazy thought.  Since lockdown had made a big chunk of 2020 very boring for me, and I had been stuck at home a lot, I thought why not do something that I will never forget?  So right then and there I decided to walk all the way from Leeds to the Southampton ferry terminal, catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight and visit Slab!”

Slab Artisan Fudge - Agata 2

Agata ordered a parcel of vegan fudge to be delivered to keep her going on her “pilgrimage”. On 23rd August she departed her home in Leeds on foot and commenced the 221 mile walk.  

Slab Artisan Fudge - Agata 4

Agata walked for 11 days in total, staying overnight in B&B’s along the way. Her first stop was near Sheffield, then she walked through the Peak District to Chesterfield, through Derby, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coventry, Banbury, Oxford, Newbury, Winchester and finally Southampton, where Agata stayed overnight before walking the final 3 miles to the ferry, which was her first mode of transport. 

“Sometimes it wasn’t easy – I walked twice through rainy days and got several painful blisters!  But I like to push myself and I loved knowing I didn’t give up, even when I considered it.  It took me 11 days of walking 10-12 hours a day, but I met lots of lovely people and had fun wearing different outfits every day.  Twice I posted home my dirty clothes and purchased new ones from charity shops.”  Her travels and mileage were recorded on her Instagram account @misssolidunplan.

“I was so happy when I got there and could visit the place which had inspired my journey.  I was entranced and so excited when I got to Slab.  Thank you Slab for inspiring me to have such a crazy goal which I was able to achieve! I am so proud of myself and now I’m back in Leeds with lots of vegan fudge and some great memories.”

Slab Artisan Fudge - Agata 3

Rachel has been making fudge for 6 years, and 2 years ago set herself the challenge of creating a vegan fudge that tasted as good as dairy.  “It took a while to get it right” Rachel said.  “I knew I was there when I was taking home vegan Slabs to eat instead of dairy!”  

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Slab @ Vegan Life Live – Event City, Manchester

Slab Artisan Fudge - Vegan Life Live Manchester 1

This was Slab’s last large vegan event before the summer hopefully kicks in on the isle, and it was nice to go out on a bang! A fantastic weekend meeting lots of lovely people and introducing Slab to the north. We also found some potential outlets who would like to stock our fudge, so hopefully it will be available at a few choice places up north too!! Thanks for having us Manchester x

Slab Artisan Fudge - Vegan Life Live Manchester 2

Slab Artisan Fudge - Vegan Life Live Manchester 1

Shop the full Vegan Slab range here – Shop – Vegan

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Slab @ Vegan Life Live – Alexandra Palace, London

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 5

We had an absolutely cracking weekend up in London for the Vegan Life Live show! We met so many lovely people – both customers and fellow exhibitors. This is the first large event of this scale that we have attended and it’s great to know that we can meet the demand! We received some fantastic feedback and are so pleased to have been part of such a wonderful event.

And now that we have stress tested the fudge operation, we can now look forward to the upcoming events in Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton, Christchurch and Poole!!!

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 2

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 3

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 4

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 6

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 8

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 9

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 10

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 11

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 12

Slab @ Vegan Life Live, London 7

Buy Vegan Slabs online here – Shop


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New Slab Artisan Fudge Shop For 2018!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 5

The Slab Shop …

Welcome to Slab’s new home – find our new shop at 13 Bath Road in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We aim to be fully open by the beginning of Spring, however we’ve already moved the fudge production down there so if you’re nearby pop in and I’m sure there will be some fudge samples available!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 1

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 2

We aim to always have our core flavours in stock – both in the dairy and vegan ranges. So whether you want to pop in or order online – we can satisfy your fudge requirements!

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 3

Slab Artisan Fudge Shop 4

We are over the moon to now have a proper home for Slab, here’s to a busy and fudge-tastic 2018! As always, if you NEED some fudge it is available online – Shop


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Slab @ The Garlic Farm, I Love Wight Xmas Market

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 1

Slab got Christmassy this year at The Garlic Farm, for the I Love Wight Xmas Market. We had a fantastic weekend in this beautiful part of the island.

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 2

Lots of fudge was also bought, hopefully making lots of people happy on Christmas Day!

Slab @ The Garlic Farm 3

Our Xmas Slabs also seemed to go down very well …



Xmas Pud Slab


Candy Cane Slab


Mince Pie Slab

However, if you were unable to make it, remember you can always grab some Slabs online before Christmas – Shop

Free postage on orders over £10. Merry Chrimbo folks!

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Slab’s First Promotional Video – Grab A Slab!

Here it is, Slab’s first foray into the exciting world of film making. Watch out Hollywood!!

This Slab video is more of a promotional introduction to our fudge, in the future we will aim to make more videos with information on our product and an insight into the world of fudge making.

But until then, enjoy this short teaser. And if you feel so inclined, grab yourselves some Slab’s online – Shop

Thanks for watching!